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Why I Am No Longer Christian — Part II #IfThisIsTheChurchThenWhatAreThePeople?

I no longer self-identify as “Christian,” although it would be of highest compliment for one to call me so. That is what I strive for in life. But I cannot in good conscience give myself that name. So, who do you say that I am? Raving madman? Concerned veteran? Crook? I hope “human” was what ...

So Maybe Cannabis Has Killed People — Part II #CannabisIsSaferThanFossielFuels #710Veterans

Alright. So, I did say once that cannabis can kill people, but this applies strictly to manufacturing. Manufacturing in the oil industry is far more dangerous than in the cannabis industry. Sure, doing a butane extraction on an open blast is like creating a small IED, but I am ex military, and I never encountered ...


#Donations #SupportYourGrind

So, this will be short, but I have a PayPal account that I use for all sorts of purposes. In the coming future, I want to travel to Colorado to film a documentary. Please think about contributing! Also, part of my proceeds would go to my gaming clan, and to disabled veterans everywhere. I am ...

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Thumbtack Review

Hello Everyone, I am working on some quotes on Thumbtack for IT work. If just one person followed this link and gave me a review, then my chances of picking up some freelance labor (Web Development, Network Engineering, Wifi, Phones, Writing, Consulting, Blogging, Marketing Management, Branding, Graphics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, etc), goes up some ...