The painting above was done by my wife. This page will exhibit more of her painting along with some items that I have picked up along the way.

— Wagen

This art was purchased in Liberty, Texas at Noak Locksmith. I saw it on the wall and asked, “How much do you want for that?” They all laughed. I can’t remember what it was, but it was fair. I took a picture and sent it to my wife. She was just happy I bought some art!

This one is still growing on both of us. My wife and I can’t agree on who bought it.

This was the other piece I bought in Liberty. I just had to have it.

Jen bought this one.

This one was done by an artist my dad paid. He spelled my name wrong. **Smacks Head**

This is one Jennifer painted. I think she did a good job!

This was my anniversary gift from Jen one year. I worked at Oaks Christian at the time, and I hung it up next to my desk. It always made me think of her. Now it hangs in my office.