This Is My Rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine.”

— Jarhead

Many people probably suppose that being a Navy Sniper looks like American Sniper. Chris Kyle is definitely one of my role models, but for many, it works out more like Jarhead or even Jack Reacher.

No te matas con el rifle.

I learned it from a missionary. In Spanish…roughly translated…means, “Don’t kill anyone with the rifle.”

No te matas con el pistola.

“Don’t kill anyone with the pistol.”

That’s how my service time was. I used my sniper rifles to train others, and to shoot lines across to the pier or to an underway replenishment.

I cleaned lots of guns, and checked out weapons and ammo to Security.

I worked alot less strenuous hours than I did in Deck, and that was a marvelous thing!