After Deck Department, I worked Security. Most people did 6 months in the kitchen, but my boss decided it would be best to send me to work with Gunner’s Mates, which I eventually became one…so good on him.

When Rifles Come Out happened while working security. I sited it for PTSD and got 70% disability for that. A car accident was also included in the claim. It’s an interesting disorder, but I will save that for a different page.

In my off time, I drank moonshine, smoked cannabis, and watched alot of movies.

Maybe A Fun Story worked out and I became a businessman and I changed my name from Kevin Charles Wagenseller to KC Wagenseller in November of 2007 because I wanted to seal the past. Google Kevin Charles Wagenseller. He doesn’t exist. Maybe I am lying. Maybe I am not. It makes a good story, and as a writer, I am all about a good story. More to come.

Either way, I know what it’s like to be strapped, protect my fellow veterans, and enjoy myself responsibly after work. The Navy didn’t seem to mind. They gave a unrine analysis when I was radioactive…and I magically passed. I guess I was too valuable, too clever, or just drank too much water. Who knows? God does. Someone does. Maybe one day I will get the answer.