Boot Camp

Boot Camp was interesting. In the month prior to Boot Camp, I stopped using cannabis, stopped drinking, and started running 3 miles in the morning 6 times a week, and 2 miles every other evening…always resting on Sunday.

As you could imagine, I got into really good shape. I went into Boot Camp weighing about 180. They took me down to 160, just before the grim reaper called the wrong number.

I remember boot camp being a mixture of horrendous experiences, and some rediculously fun ones. I was the division’s protestant chaplain. We exercised every day except Sunday. We did alot of studying, and even more walking…even some singing. I used to know Anchors Away by heart.

Boot Camp was the first time I ever went to the dentist. I only had four capvities, and they fixed me up. I hated it, though. I am still not fond of the dentist.

In Boot Camp, we used laser and pnuematic weapons, not live ammo. I am guessing that had to change at some point. It’s all good, we used plenty of real ammo once we were in, especially while I worked in Weapons and Security.

Battlestations was fun. It is sort of a secret amongst Sailors, but Battlestations is the Navy’s Hell Week, and it was actually a blast. That’s all I am going to say about that.

Getting my Navy cap was emotional. I cried. I won’t lie.

Graduating was fun. It was good to see my family.