Most of my work experience has been in technology. I love technology. I love everything about it. I frequently try to wrap my head around concepts like the cloud computing, routing/switching, server technology, security, web design, and other disciplines.

I will be building a home network soon, and I will blog about my experiences and share configuration files on WagenIT, which is my IT site.

My first job was after dropping out of a Master’s of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, CA. I decided that Biblical schooling wasn’t for me, and I decided to leverage my technology education and CCNA credential to get a job in the field. I applied at several places, but I got an interview at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA. I really enjoyed the people, and the job was fun, at times. I worked with backups, security cameras, and helpdesk support. Helpdesk was fun, but difficult. One of my favorite questions was something like, “Where did my files go?” “How come the internet is broken?” or the occasional, “I didn’t know I could do that!” exclamation. I moved on from Oaks because I was ready to get some real experience in computer networking, which is what I went to school for, so I started looking.

The first and only place that I applied to was Starnet Data Design. They specialized in Juniper networks and had an array of supplemental technologies, including Digium Phones, Xirrus WiFi, storage systems, and others. The work at Starnet was fun. I really enjoyed tinkering with phones and WiFi, which was the bulk of my responsibilities. Looking back, I think it was mostly communication or personality conflicts that ended up turning my time at Starnet into an unpleasant one. It makes me sad. I really liked what I did.

The last place where I punched a clock for technology was at Harbor Freight Tools corporate office in Calabasas, CA. I worked as a Data Center Engineer, but I had to quit after a week because I developed some serious health issues, which I cover under “About > Health.” I mostly spent time in the server room moving Ethernet cables.

Now, in addition to the many things I do, I am working as a freelance Web Developer. The first website I built was, and I really enjoy(ed) the experience. It seems like there is always something to tweak, a new blog to write, or a new page to create, but I like it that way. I am hoping to build much more experience in this department in the near future. (I actually have built several more, but I will comment on it more later.) I have even started renting and buying books to build my knowledge base. I figure, “Why not?”

Hopefully this give you a better idea regarding my technological experience. I really enjoy technology, but I found working for people to be tough. I think I will enjoy it alot more as an owner. Time will tell.

The music video below is how technology makes me feel. I literally get an endorphin rush when something finally comes together. It’s exhilarating.



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