The bulk of my retail experience has been working in book stores. I worked at a Lemstone in Humble, Texas back in 2007, and a Family Christian bookstore, also in Humble, in 2009.

I enjoyed Lemstone alot more than I liked Family, but I loved hanging out talking about books and ideas. I REALLY loved the discount that I got at both stores. I spent way too much money on books, but I had a healthy library to show for it.

I still love to read.

I will read a chapter or two of one and flip over to another. Some are easier to read than others. Some I will reference. It just depends on how much time I have until my next meeting or event, or how tired I am…since I frequently read at bedtime.

If you ever want to nerd out on books, let me know. I gravitate toward non-fiction, but it’s hard to pass on a good dystopian novel like “Fahrenheit 451” or “Brave New World.”