Believe it or not, I have a little formal, and lots of informal ministry experience. My formal experience included working as a Youth Pastor for First Baptist Church in Dayton, Texas, where I grew up. There were alot of things I liked about it: getting to interact with high school kids, writing and preaching sermons, assisting the needy when they stopped in, and organizing fun events like baseball games.

The politics of it all really got to me. Some people were really supportive and encouraging. Other people seemed to be trying their hardest to sabotage my character or mission through lies and gossip. This isn’t something that is limited to pastors, but something that most local churches deal with, and it is damaging.

Either way, I have learned lots of scriptures, doctrine, and had many interesting religious experiences. My latest blog that dealt with these issues is titled, Why I No Longer Consider Myself “Christian” and was one of my biggest hits. You should read it if you haven’t. Many people read it and assume that I am now atheist or agnostic. If you read it carefully, then that shouldn’t be the takeaway.

I am not sure what will come of my ministry experience. As I get older, I just look back on some of the times with fond memory, thank God for the opportunities, and then move on. After all, this website isn’t going to build itself, and these books and blogs won’t write themselves. That’s OK. I enjoy it. Perhaps my life will be my ministry. That would be a good way to live.

Here is one of my favorite Christian Albums.