I have worked as a concessionist in an AMC theater. Additionally, I worked at a grocery store, Jack In The Box, and McDonald’s.

My ex-wife and I met working as servers at an Olive Garden in Arlington, Texas. We have also worked at a Friday’s, which was OK. My ex-wife and I briefly worked at a steak place, but ended up moving on fairly quickly. It wasn’t a good experience.

It was during this time in food service that I picked up on alot of Spanish, and I received the opportunity to refine my customer service skills. Waiting tables was fun, it paid well, and I was good at it. Sometimes I think about going back, but my health stops me, so I write and talk about it as much as possible!

If you ever want any food/wine/beer/liquor recommendations, let me know. I have had several different types of food and paired them with several types of alcohol, including wines from all over the world.

In fact, when writing this, I am on vacation in Florida, and I just had Cuban food for the first time. I went with pork ribs and a Cabernet for the appetizer. For the main dish, I had a traditional Cuban sandwich with the same Cabernet. You can take the boy out of Cali, but you can’t take the Cali out of the boy! Anyways, the Cuban food was good, but I think Colombian, Peruvian, and Authentic Mexican foods are better.