Comedy Rehearsal

So, I have always been fascinated by my genealogy and family folklore. I come from good stock. With a name like, #Wagenseller, you would think there might be a few stories behind that one.


Despite all the cool stories of my family being in Germany around the time of the Protestant Reformation in 1500s Bavaria Germany. (As an experiment, I made a custom\original beer with my best friend Geoff to relish the moment and almost travel back in time, or some bullshit like that.) Then there was this whole ground zero in Philadelphia around 1776. Yes, I am a Son of the Revolution, A Patriot, and a Veteran.

Long Live Sacred [America]

So, I do the Ancestry DNA thing to see if these things are true. I mean, even if just one woman cheated on any one of my great great great great great great grandfather’s, then the shit gets all #ducked up.

Nobody wants that.

I follow all the instructions in order to collect my sample for them. I package it up and send it out. A few weeks later, they decide “We do not understand your sample. Can you please provide another?”

Here, I’m thinking, “I just sent my DNA sample to you. You have motha fuckas that just sit around and analyze people’s DNA, and they don’t know what the FUCK I AM?!?



So, what? Am I like half alien or some bullshit?!?

What the fuck ever.

*More Chuckles*

For all I know, I am half were wolve or some shit. I barked this morning. No joke. I was throwing up and I fucking barked, like a god damn dog!

*More Chuckles*

#Woof (German Shepard)

#RaRaRaRaRaRaRaRaRa (Yo soy de Chihuhua)

Look. I know all this sounds far fetched, but fuck it. You can’t disprove it.


always seemed to be half angel or something. Fallen maybe.

God Knows

#Wagen, #OverAndOut