Love and Other Drugs

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s like fuel to the soul. All love works this way, whether it’s brotherly love, romantic love, or even the love one shares for a beloved pet. Love is what sustains us (other than the obvious ones like food, water, and shelter). Without love, we are nothing.

Love is a complicated thing. Love involves more than one person, and anytime we get people involved, shit gets all fucked up. People always complicate things. Especially when they do not really know what they want. I have met and dated some women that wanted adventure, and when I cranked it up, it was too much. I still think that’s why it didn’t work out with the ex. I was too much engine and she eventually wrecked. At least, that’s what I tell myself to sleep at night.

Now drugs. Drugs are easy, unless you are hanging with complete dumbasses. I have way more experience with drugs and the black market than I do with women. I can even navigate the underworld in a few different languages, especially Spanish and Ebonics. For drugs, you just throw it on the scale and exchange money or goods for the drugs. It’s really simple. None of this playing with emotions bullshit, but just simple scales and math….and lots of good times.

The longer I stay single, the more I enjoy it. It was difficult at first, but I just keep doing the things that my ex wife and none of my girlfriends would let me do.

It works.

It’s highly likely that I will never remarry. I did it once. We even built our marriage on lots of good stuff, but it didn’t last. Why commit again? It sounds like a waste. I feel like I should just focus on making money and having a good time. I’m in Colorado. Finding a good time is not hard.

People are here to do a few main things (in no particular order):

  1. Party
  2. Be politically active
  3. Enjoy the mountains
  4. Grow in their knowledge and understanding of the cannabis industry

All of these are exciting things. Colorado is growing like crazy because of the legalization of marijuana…or drugs. Drugs brought me to Colorado, and I have been very adventurous while living here. I don’t regret it. It may be a phase. It may not, but I am having a good time, and I think that’s all that really matters at this time. That probably sounds short-sighted to many, but I honestly don’t care. I can’t please everyone. I just have to do what I think is best and accept the consequences. It’s what I’ve done since I was really young.

Wagen, over and out.