Some Big Changes

Sometimes life isn’t fair, and sometimes we make bad decisions. Well, I have made some bad decisions. I have let my drive to change the world and my mission to legalize cannabis take a higher priority than my faith and family….especially my wife.

I hurt her.

I hurt her badly.

It took two weeks of loneliness and isolation for me to see this. She has been reminding me of the person I was when we met: I was passionate about Jesus and wanted nothing more than for people to know Him.

Well, I want to get back to that person. Somehow, I got off track and became a monster to those closest to me. An excellent example is this blog, which has been my most read blog to date.

I look back and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

I wasn’t thinking. I got tunnel vision. I neglected everything dear to me. I am not doing this for her, but I am doing this because I love the Lord, and I don’t want to hurt people, especially those closest to me.

There is some mending to be done between me, my wife, and other family members. I used to think, “It’s just war, and war sometimes separates families.” Now I think, “KC is an idiot.”

Some of you may not know, but I have quit all illegal drugs. I will be thinning out my social media sites of cannabis, hallucinogens, and other things. It will be tough, because some of you are/were really good friends. Something that bugs me, though: good friends don’t encourage/facilitate people to leave their spouses.

Part of me feels like I was duped and listened to the wrong people. I let my priorities get all out of whack. I need to get back to my first love, which is Christ, and maybe, just maybe, He will provide the healing that is needed for me, my wife, and my family.

For those that are believers, please pray for us. We would appreciate it.

For the cannabis warriors and revolutionaries that are shocked by this, I encourage you in what you think is best. Not everyone has the same path, and I have reached the end of the line.

I wanted to change the world, and I did….I lost everything dear to me.

May God have mercy on my soul.

Wagen, over and out.



13 thoughts on “Some Big Changes

  1. That’s ok kc God never left you and you can’t runaway from him and he knows your heart,he knows you inside and out I love you it takes guts to admit in public you were wrong your allowed to mess up we all mess up were just not public about it

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  2. KC and Jennifer,
    Praising Jesus for answered prayers and praying for continued Miracles in your life and in your marriage. I have wept before the Lord while reading your blogs, knowing the young man that I met back in 2009 had to be inside there somewhere and knowing how much that you truly love your wife. I will continue to pray for you on this Journey as I know first hand that it is a difficult one to walk. I love you both and I pray for complete healing and forgiveness and an even stronger marriage and family bond than you had before.
    Love, Melody

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  3. DUUUUUDDDDEEEEEE!!!!!! I’m am jumping up and down and may do a cartwheel!!!!!! Do you KNOW HOW HARD I (& others) have PRAYED…… FOR THIS EXACT THING!!!!! I am screaming!! And clapping!!! Praise God!!! You are saying ALL of the right life-giving words!! My focus is not on drugs, but life! And God! And family!!!! I will continue praying. The truth sets us free! When the Light shines in darkness & Satan loses his grip he gets PISSED!!! So get ready for the war! You ARE an overcomer!!! I will also pray that God restores anything that was lost or stolen from your marriage & from your walk with the Lord. I love you man! So SO Proud of you!!!

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    1. I really appreciate your encouragement. I just wish I knew who you were. All I see is “Someone.” If you wish to remain anonymous, then I understand. I hope all is well with you, your walk with the Lord, and your family.


  4. Hey I am not religious in any way but I also am not against it, I remember talking to you about this before you left and I was worried that I was being to personal, I even messaged Jennifer with out telling you. I am here and hope you find peace where ever but cannabis was not why I enjoyed our conversations and I hope we can be friends even tho I do still use cannabis, after all you drink and I dont but we made it work……… you still owe me lunch.

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  5. I am so so happy for you and your family! I met you guys years ago in California and the man I’ve seen posting the last year is not the man I met then. Every time I read one of your posts it made me sad and a little angry. I am not against Cannabis at all, just didn’t think it was worth your marriage. I hope you and Jennifer can work through things and that you can become that couple I met years ago again! Prayers your way!

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