Interacting on Social Media

Something I have noticed over the last few years: everyone uses social media differently.

Let me elaborate.

I am not talking about different people using different social medias. Some people only share memes they agree with. Others will share memes that they don’t agree with in order to support friends. Some people read headlines of articles, while others read the whole article. Others post frequent status updates, and some do not post any updates.

This may all sound superficial, but it really affects the whole experience. People can get really uptight about what is posted or shared. Although I appreciate a good, serious conversation, it’s ok to think things are funny.

Sometimes I share things just to see who interacts with it and how. I have been doing this for months. It keeps things interesting.

I wonder if the fluidity and flexibility of it all dampens the experience. How much do we really know about people online? This is a question I wonder frequently.

The answer likely depends upon the person. Some lie and misrepresent themselves. It is understandable to do this for security reasons, but not necessary…for most.

I am so transparent because I want to be understood. Most people don’t really know who I am. I fear that my wife and family can’t understand what I am going through, and that is a huge part of the problems I am enduring.

It’s easier to find like-minded people online than it is in person. Perhaps that’s part of the draw.

So, no matter how you use social media, bear in mind that others use it differently, and this affects interactions. I try not to jump to conclusions regarding someone’s worldview strictly off of a meme or article they share. I am often pleasantly surprised when given the chance to hear a more detailed analysis of a meme.

It’s like art. Everyone sees something different. At least, that’s my conclusion.

Wagen, over and out.