George W. Bush as a Cancer

When I say “cancer,” I don’t mean that he is a disease, or at least, not to my knowledge. In the past, I have said some harsh things about George W. Bush, but what many do not know: we share a birthday…July 6th.

According to astrology, both of us are considered a “cancer,” the most misunderstood of the signs. I get all uptight about how he caused or turned a blind eye to 9/11, but what if he didn’t? What if I failed to be patient with a fellow cancer? I don’t like it when people misunderstand me, which seems to be another chronic illness that plagues me.

Sure, he threw in a “u” where it didn’t belong in “nuclear,” but maybe he had a fifth before they speech. With all the stress he was under, everyone, including his wife, was probably impressed that he kept it to a fifth. I’ve drank more, and I’ve never been President.

Maybe when 9/11 happened and they found out about the briefings regarding planes running into buildings in the 90s, then maybe they thought, “Shit, I should’ve done my homework.”

I still can’t believe that they didn’t know about the medical benefits of cannabis; however, maybe he is part of the Loyalists. I prefer the Patriots. But maybe he’s just misunderstood. He was the last president that served in the military in some fashion.

Yeah man. Maybe he is just a good ‘ole country boy from Texas. I can appreciate those kind of folks. Some of them, anyways.

Wagen, over and out.