The Nature of War

War is tough, but simple. I have signed up for one war — The War On Terror. Before I knew it, they were arming me with fully automatic weapons, training me to look for and be prepared for terrorists or terrorists incidents, like bombings or shootings. I’m not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m talking about right here in Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia.

Although I do have severe PTSD from the training and some of the things that happened, it has equipped me to fight another war — The War on Drugs. Now, I didn’t sign up for this one. This one found me. I have been a cannabis patient since I was 14 years old. I was treating depression from the loss of a loved one.

There were no doctors or adults to consult.

I just knew I felt like shit, and my friends that I skated with — bear in mind that we trusted each other with our bodily safety — said that cannabis would make me feel better.

It did.

Ever since then, I have been associated with lots of different people.

War is simple. I only want to know two things:

  1. Are you invested in this?
  2. Are you trustworthy?

Black, white, gay, straight, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu…it doesn’t matter. I just want to know if you are in this fight, and if I can trust you to get my back, and if you trust me to get yours.

That’s how it works on the streets, too.

Leadership is important in any war. The leader is meant to inspire. They are supposed to be the bravest. The strongest. The ones with hope when everyone else has lost it.

Here are my predictions for this Texas legislative session.

  1. HB81 will pass. They want to decriminalize, but not make legal, small amounts of flower.
  2. SB269 will not pass. The Texans at the top seem to think that if you want medical or recreational marijuana, then you should move. If it does pass, it will super expensive to get a license and they legislate it into oblivion.

Jessica Pallet said it well, “Texas is about appearances. Do we APPEAR to care about our veterans? Do we APPEAR to uphold Biblical values? Do we APPEAR to care about our sick? They don’t really care. They only want to know if it appears to other states and the rest of the world, that they care.”

This made so much sense. It brought clarity to some tension that I have always sensed and hated about this culture. It full of privileged people that only care about appearances, not just in a shallow, wardrobe sense, but they go through the motions, especially the motions of “church” or whatever the hell their calling it nowadays.

Well, I’m going through some motions. I’m moving to Colorado to join the fight at Ground Zero. Many things I love are going to be in the rear-view mirror, but I won’t be looking back, because I don’t give a damn about appearances, and anyone that knows me, can testify that it’s true. Even if they don’t know it’s the reason I drive some of them absolutely crazy.

Also, I want to remind everyone that I did not call it a “War.”

I am just responding appropriately.

Wagen, over and out.