The Importance of Farming

To be clear, farming can be any scale — massive or a small garden. Size isn’t important, what is important is growing things. It’s inexpensive, and can provide tangible rewards from the labor. Also, it can save money.

I have never eaten or used anything I have grown. This disturbs me. Without grocery stores, I wouldn’t know how to feed myself. Such a basic skill is necessary for survival, muchless independence.

When it comes to farming cannabis, some patients’ medical needs can get into the $1000s a month. In this case, growing and processing their own is the only logical solution. Of course, the government doesn’t want people growing their own medicine, or food. It might cut into some profits. Profits of people who have paid good money to lobby congress to keep people as customers.

For the sake of Liberty, and Life, I urge you to grow. Sure, it’s work. But it’s a skill to be sharp on. It does no good to have all the guns, ammunition, generators, backup fuel, canned goods, and other things, if there is no ability to grow food.

Me? I’m serious about my survival skills. This will be my next endeavor: to grow food and medicine in Colorado. I’m excited about it. It’s a decision that is costing me my family and an otherwise comfortable life in Texas.

It sucks.

But I keep my mind on all the fun I will have when I am there. I think about all the patients I will get to know and help. I think about the friendships and partnerships that will be formed.

As I sit in Texas just waiting for the green light to move, these are the things that keep me in high spirits, even as I sit around and cry about how much all of it hurts.

This too shall pass. I see some good times ahead.

Wagen, over and out.