No More Lies

Lies kill.

You don’t think so?

“Terrorists.” — George Bush Jr.

“Public enemy number one…drug abusers.” Ronald Reagan

There are others.

“If we centralize the banks, then the market will stabilize.” — Banking Cartel

Yes, we are force fed lies at every level. I am not talking about when humanity hasn’t discovered something, or when well-informed people make a mistake. I am talking about those that willfully lie, and I am talking about those that remain willfully ignorant. People that have an opinion on something but haven’t even bothered to look into it. They just assume it’s not a problem, if it doesn’t effect them personally. Or, perhaps, they may even conclude that somehow the individual or group of individuals brought it on themselves, or somehow deserved to be murdered, abused, or homeless.

What happened to “treat others the way you wanted to be treated”?

The part that makes all this the most difficult is that these lines of reasoning do not come from my typical “lost” friends, but from supposed “Christ-fearing” people. Not all, but most.

This is troubling to me.

As a devout student of the Judeo-Christian Bible, and a student of philosophy and history, I see only one group of people that acted that way in the Scripture, and they were the Pharisees.

I don’t make this statement lightly.

I once was one. It breaks my heart to see it and admit it, but I walked like this for several years. Sure, I saw some good things come out of it, but I was just another Pharisee.

What does this have to do with lies?

I am glad you asked. The Pharisees believed the lie that by doing X, Y, Z or not doing X, Y, Z they were somehow being justified or sanctified by their efforts. The Pharisees added laws or rules that did not exist in the Scripture.

Sound familiar?

Religious conservatives in the Bible Belt are worst at this. I can say this, because I have lived in the Bible Belt most of my life, but I have spent a significant amount of time outside of it. I have learned that going around ramming my spiritual beliefs down everyone’s throat and insisting that I am right on every theological point that one can think of is actually counter-productive to true Gospel teaching.

Now, some of you may read this and go, “I don’t act like this.”

First, I would encourage you to introspect and maybe ask a close friend or loved one.

Second, it’s good if you do not act like that. Not everyone does.

Finally, even Pharisees can be redeemed. Paul was an excellent example of this. Not only did he convert, but he became more zealous for the impact of the Gospel.

I’m hungry for that. Who else is?

Wagen, over and out.




3 thoughts on “No More Lies

  1. I’m confused about your understanding of the nature of lies. The Pharisees have gotten bad press due to their ultra-conservatism. But, if they truly believed that God’s Word was life-altering and life-sustaining (read Psalm 119) would it be a lie for them to tell people that it had to be followed scrupulously? And if their additions, while not scriptural, were meant to keep people from flirting with the borders of sin, would they be lies–if the Pharisees truly believed those add-ons were helpful. As for the Bible Belt being the “worst,” I’ll make two comments. First, the Bible Belt has nothing on Washington and Wall Street for telling whoppers. Second, you don’t make clear what you believe the Bible Belters are lying about. It’s easy to make broad, sweeping accusations, because nobody can argue with them–you’ve said nothing of substance to argue with (I think D.Trump is the master of talking a lot while saying nothing of substance!!). Where, exactly, do you take issue with the Bible Belters? I am not a Bible Belter, but I think it is absolutely crucial that we base our opinions–and therefore our actions–on what the Bible actually says, not on what we think it says.

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    1. Also, it’s not so much that I believe Bible-belt people are intentionally deceiving people. They pass on alot of lies. Like “cannabis is evil.” I believe we should do what the Bible says. This includes not creating extra rules that Yahweh did not wish to use to burden the people.


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