Police Encounter: Texans Veteran’s Day Parade in Austin, Texas 2016

A few associates of mine and I were getting media coverage of the Veteran’s Day Parade in Austin. We finished all the recordings and interviews, and one of us went for the car, which was parked several blocks away. Me and one other stayed back to pack up.

We finished packing and just hung out for a bit. Before we knew it, someone in a suit was introducing himself as DPS. He kinda snuck up on us, or maybe I let my guard down. Either way, a local police officer was close behind, and they started asking all kinds of questions.

“How long have you been here?”

“What are you here for?”

Stuff like that. We cooperated.

“Can I see your IDs?” The officer said.

I reluctantly pulled it from my wallet, and as I was doing so, I asked, “Am I being detained?”

“No, sir.” He said. “We are just gathering information and we will call you back if we believe you can be of any assistance.”

“Yes, sir.”

After taking our information, he told us to have a good day and continued with his interviews. Unfortunately, I interact with law enforcement often, but have only been arrested once, and that was not from a random interaction.

Either way, it’s important to know and remember your rights as a citizen. Don’t let the police push you around. Cooperate, but know your rights.

Wagen, over and out.