Why I Am No Longer Christian — Part II #IfThisIsTheChurchThenWhatAreThePeople?

I no longer self-identify as “Christian,” although it would be of highest compliment for one to call me so. That is what I strive for in life. But I cannot in good conscience give myself that name.

So, who do you say that I am? Raving madman? Concerned veteran? Crook?

I hope “human” was what you came up with.

If not, then I am a Messianic Jew, or peaceful Islamic. I work well with computers and all sorts of electronic equipment. I also have a fascination with religion, histories, cultures, and conspiracy theories.

The search for sovereignty and the need to rebel are rightly and righteously rooted in the very fabric of my DNA. I had no choice. Civic duty called, and I’m answering.

Oh, I’m with Israel. If their cool with sending their soldiers cannabis, then America should be, too.

Wagen, over and out.