North Houston

What alot of people don’t understand…Texas IS big oil. That’s right. Cannabis is basically still illegal in Texas because a bunch of war and money hungry mostly white men have decided to profit off of death and destruction. Some have just decided to manufacture and send whole truck loads of safety materials to various locations around the US and around the globe. Either way, the world is safer for it.

I have been to Spindletop. I have a loosely firm grasp on how the oil industry works. In short, they convince everyone that their toxins are better than the greener, more renewable energies of hemp and cannabis. Notice how Texas is green? Go Aggies!

Houston folk know how to party. We know how to hunt. We know how to survive, and we know how to go into the woods, be humbled, and come back to the village ready to participate, again. This is just part of what it is like being in an area like Houston. You should check it out sometime.

Wagen, over and out.