Colorado Trip 2016: Part II

After my extraterrestrial encounter, I only had a few hours after turning North on 25 before I hit Trinidad, where I found myself down to about 1/8th of a tank. I pulled into one of the first gas stations I found, which is the one attached to the Wendy’s. Neither of my cards worked, so I went inside and asked a few people if I could use their phones.

Finally, a young man that worked drive through at the Jack in the Box, named “Steven,” let me use his phone for a considerable amount of time. I was able to contact my wife and let her know what happened. She tried contacting the bank, but they wanted to speak directly to me.

I have been up all night. I recently got as close as I have ever been to a UFO, my debit and credit card weren’t working, and I was really cold. I didn’t have a jacket and it was snowing outside.

This sort of thing went on for about 3 hours before I finally went to a nearby hotel, one I had actually stayed at the last time I was in Trinidad. They since have become smoke friendly. There weren’t very smoke friendly when I stayed, but I just went outside and nobody said anything. This is mostly true anywhere, honestly, as long as one is not dumb.

The hotel attendant asked, “Was it a safe trip?” She kinda winked. I said, “Nope, not safe at all.” She said, “Awe.” I just shook my head. At that time, a nicer, older gentleman from Texas said, “If you just need a few bucks for gas to get to Denver, then I got you. Follow me.” We went to his car, and he pulled out $40. “Will that get you to Denver?”

“Yes, sir!” I exclaimed. “Thank you!”

I went back to the gas station, filled up, bought a water, and hit the road. I had never had that problem before. This was the first time I had been without a phone since I was 16, some 14 years ago.

This part of the trip taught me humility and patience. It was a rough lesson, but I am glad that I experienced it.

Wagen, over and out.