Marijuana Missionaries

So, there is this increasing trend of people that I am running into and hearing about. Long story short, some weed warriors are moving from legal states to states in the South to get cannabis going forward. The most important thing they do is teach. They know all kinds of things. As an investigative journalist, I ask lots of questions, and learn more than I could ever imagine.

For those that are stuck in Texas and are not able to travel to experience freedom, start networking with people. If you meet enough people, you will eventually find one of these missionaries. In short, you may not be able to make it out to Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, or other places to move or just to visit, but look nearby. These states may have traveled to you.

Follow them. Ask them questions. Even call them #Teacher. The good news will spread. Some are blind, but many are seeing, and many more are born each day. We must never stop. Fight this war like you mean it!

Wagen, over and out.