Tower of Babel

The Lord decreed that human speech would be confused into different languages once he saw what they were capable of when they worked together. This subject is near and dear to my heart. It is important to learn other languages, cultures, foods, customs, religions, and philosophical constructs. This is what illuminates a person to the reality of a very rich life experience.

A Journey Through Dinner is always important. I spend lots of time in inner-city Dallas and Fort Worth, and I always enjoy speaking different languages and eating different foods…and drinking different types of drinks (Yes, that’s part of the adventure.).

I feel as though I have been given some insight simply by knowing Spanish. I remember hanging out with my vato, Juanito, and he was explaining to me that incidents like Roswell, New Mexico and Dayton, Texas were a common acknowledgement amongst the Mexican government and people. In fact, there are public school textbooks that state that aliens helped build the pyramids, like those at Chichen Itza. I have learned things like this and others simply because I knew another language.

Digital languages also stretch that side of the brain, but in a more binary fashion. Computer languages are definitely less artistic and more methodical. I find it difficult to truly express myself with some many damn rules. #LLL

Whether it’s languages, digitally or linguistically, then I suggest you engage in the arts. Arts are life. Write something. Take pictures. Build collages. Paint. Dance. Volunteer to feed the homeless or work at your local youth or animal shelter.

DO something.

Your life, brain, and well being depend on it.

Wagen, over and out.