The Underpaid Mercenaries

This is something that I do not write lightly. I had never considered this perspective until a fellow veteran brought it to my attention. In short, if you signed the bottom line to stand in the gap for your fellow man, especially if you were given a weapon, then you are a mercenary. If you are/were infantry, trained in military security, even if you never had to use force…lethal or otherwise…you are/were an underpaid mercenary.

This reality hits me more and more, and as I share this with other veterans, it really resonates with them. Now, I am not trying to put military security and infantry on the same level as the mercenaries or Seals that go after specific targets, especially the ones we don’t hear about. All I am saying, is that we were armed for one purpose — to eliminate threats…using lethal force, if necessary.

I guess I always wanted to make a difference. The longer I am out of the Navy, the more I am able to piece together exactly what they had me do. It took years to really see it, and I am sure that I am not done discovering. This has been part of the healing as a direct result of counseling and hanging out with other veterans.

We are Patriots, not Rebels. We have served our time, defended our brothers and sisters, and made it home to make a difference. Too many of us kill ourselves, probably from a host of “mental disorders” (a fancy word that means we have done and seen things others hadn’t) and a lack of understanding/patience from those closest to us.

Guess what? I know 100 more where that come from, and we still keep in touch. I have friends in all sorts of places, thanks to my time in the military. The friendships and experiences I made were invaluable, but it came at a cost. We all paid that cost, even the ones that came home. Our hands have mastered weapons, security, and other useful skills, and for this we make no apology. We are not Rebels looking for a fight, but Patriots looking to fix what is rotten at home.

I signed my name on the dotted line to defend the Constitution from ALL threats FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. I haven’t had that opportunity, yet. I hope I never do, but I am not afraid. I would rather have death than live in a society that supports slavery, racism, and devalues the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Without these things, we have no freedom. We have no liberty. We have no life.

Wagen, over and out.