Year of Jubilee

First, we must rid ourselves of debt. The Millennials are especially burdened with school debt. Figure out a way to pay it off. My wife and I bought property in California and sold it 2 years later, and we had enough to pay off our school loans. That felt excellent.

Without debt, we are free to pursue our passions. I have seen this more and more in the last year or so. If only the house and cars were paid off, too! One day…

Second, we must educate ourselves about money and the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not Federal. It is a private industry that loans money to the US (and other governments) at interest. So that $1 costs $1.25. For those good at Math, you can see that this is not sustainable. How do they pay for it? Our income taxes (which are illegal #TaxationIsTheft and #WasNeverOfficiallyRatified) are used to pay for this interest. If this doesn’t make you angry, then I am not sure you are human.

Third, start reading business and entrepreneurship books. Everybody has ideas about how to make the world a better place. Figure out a way to make your passions your job. This will be harder for those with kids, but it’s worth it.

Fourth, start working with people. Yes, many young ones are strange, but don’t give up on us. We are starting to make an impact on culture (work, religion, entertainment, etc), and it’s exciting. As more time passes, the world will continue to change. We are the largest voting block, and I just hope that some get out and do it.

Finally, surround yourself with people that DON’T think like you. It’s important. Make good friends with like-minded people, but also befriend people that you may not agree with. This will stretch you. Also, start recording conversations at dinner tables and things. The world needs to see more on the news than non-sense, homicide, and a failed drug war.

Thanks for reading this. I hope it touched you in some way.