5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste


1 – Make Smarter Shopping Decisions

When going to the grocery store, buy less food in lower quantities. Especially as a single household, a kilo of potatoes will definitely lead to food waste.

So make a clear list of what you need and shop realistically when it comes to amounts. Whenever you have the time, go to the market instead of the store. This way you can pick and choose the amounts you actually need, even if it’s just two carrots and an onion.

2 – Plan Your Meals

This doesn’t mean that you have to precisely plan every meal for every day. Rather, just have a few meals on your mind that you could cook with the same ingredients. Have a broad idea of what you could use those leftover potatoes for, or what you could do with the rest of minced beef.

3 – Prepare Snacks for On-the-go


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