5 Ideas on How To Improve My Afternoons


I recently started a creative thinking challenge. Every day I pick a topic and write down 5 ideas or thoughts on that subject.

Hopefully, this will train my “idea muscle” and also be some fun. There’s just one rule: anything goes. Nothing is too ridiculous or banal to write down.

With out further ado, here’s todays list of 5 ideas on how to improve my afternoons.

I’m usually most alert and productive in the morning hours. In the afternoon I often loose a lot of my dynamic and find it harder to produce good work. I guess this afternoon slump is a common issue. But I want to change that and make my entire day productive and efficient. Let’s see what I can do.

1 – Go For A Short Walk

As a mid-day routine, go outside and walk for ca. 15 minutes. Ideally along the river, in a park…

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