Radical Ideas

This was some of the takeaway from an interview that I conducted. This interviewer does not want any credit, just a blog about the content, which is below:

First, stop with the bread and circus (look that up in reference to the book 1984). Quit watching sports, and quit running around “supporting” some team. Go outside. Organize a neighborhood league if you have to. We idolize sports team players by allowing them to be paid millions of $$$ and creating a fantasy that if you are the 1/1,000,000 that gets chosen then you get worshiped. We should pay them the median of what the teachers in the state get paid.

Second, support the bees. Either get a hive or start financially supporting someone who has one and help build theirs.

“Earlier this year I had thought of getting people to agree that Bees are Angels, especially if you believe that a guy named Jonah got eaten and swallowed by a whale and lived to tell the tell….then I get to believe that bees are angels. However now, they are on the endangered species list, so we may be able to go that way. Take religion out of it”

— Anonymous

Third, start growing stuff. Weight in goods is actual currency. Money that just grows out of the ground. If it were up to me, then I would grow tobacco. It is worth something, especially a custom tobacco. It could be sold to cigar shops and stuff. It can be used as wraps. Also, I have it on good authority that if a person can grow tobacco, then the process is similar to cannabis and hemp — also both very profitable.

Because of my #MILITARY background, and ministry experience, I literally know people all of the world, and I am sharing theses ideas as fast as I can.

Fourth, big vehicle payments are deadly. Buy used vehicles and pay them off quick or upfront.  Don’t get tied up paying for a car 3 times. I know many people tied into $650+ monthly payments, its too much, its keeping people down. Same thing with homes and school debts. Get them paid off. My wife and I paid off our two bachelor’s degrees, and it feels awesome. Sometimes I think about going back to study languages, but I don’t want to pay for it. Especially when I can get it for free.

Fifth, support doctors, dentists, eye doctors that accept cash, silver, and gold.  We have to find a way to break up the unnecessary high cost of medicine and hold the health insurance companies have on us.  If you have the legal means, start using cannabis instead of your medicine to see if it can replace your current situation.

Sixth, don’t leave people hanging if you die. Either save enough to pay for your funeral and have your house paid off, or insure yourself till they are.  Don’t leave your loved ones strapped with debt if you happen to die to soon.

Seventh, quit watching TT. Quit listening to radio. Read, watch, and listen to things that will grow your mind. Cut out the subliminal messages that are fed in your head. It’s brainwashing and its working

Eigth, quit acquiring new debt. And (controversial still in my head, but I actively do this) quit paying on anything that can not be taken from you.

“Pay for your car and your home, but let your credit cards go, I have strong feelings for a company that gets money lent to them at 1% interest rate and then charges us 29.99%, as well as, I had to put tons of money on the card, due to unjust prices of medical cannabis in the black market of Texas. So I let them all go, and my credit has suffered, but credit is just a number of the system.  I pay for my mortgage in Texas, and the roof over my head in Denver, my car is paid for, and I let many medical payments and cards go, in order to move across the county and put a few dollars in my pocket. I would have died in Texas or gotten thrown in some sort of jail system.  But in the big picture, if everyone did this, maybe it would help turn the banking system.”

As Wagen, I must add that if you want to open a business at some point, then get your debt down as low as possible. This includes credit cards.

Ninth, if it doesn’t breath freedom and equality and movement, then quit it and move on. Whether it be your church, your political groups or stance, your religion, your view on cops,  a mindset, ect.  Doing something because thats the way its always been done, shouldn’t be enough. Surgeons used to not wash their hands because “a gentleman’s hands did not get dirty”  and at the same time they couldn’t figure out why infant mortality was so high. Moving on to a better way of thinking can save millions of lives long term, keep pushing, its hard to tell who you will save at the end.

Tenth, build a strong relationship building a net of 5 -7 people in your life. Talk with these people about your ideas, your problems and concerns, your goals and encourage them to do the same.  Don’t be discouraged if you find a hole, even Jesus had a Judas.

Eleventh, let go of the pursuit of $, push your pursuit of happiness, with the mindset of helping those around you.

Finally, work on yourself everyday. Meditate, workout, read, yoga, all of the above. Put time into yourself.

These are just some of the ideas that I have gleaned from this person, but that is as much as I should share. I hope you found some neat ideas in here, and you plan to implement some, as well!

Wagen, over and out.