Cannabis and Suicide

There a few articles: This OneThis One, and This One are good places to start. In short, cannabis has the ability to reduce suicides. People who otherwise would have no reason to live, are now able to conquer life thanks to having safe access to their much needed medicine.

I can relate. I have PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Depressive Disorder, Chronic Pain, Chronic Nausea, and Chronic Vomiting. When it comes to sickness. Believe me. I get it.

As far as suicides go, every day 22 veterans take their own life, and another 75 more will unsuccessfully attempt. Imagine if we were able to get these veterans on a natural herbal medication and get them off all the opiates and psychotropics that the VA wants to put us on. It could literally save their lives. It WILL save lives.

I served with the mentality that we Leave No Man Behind. As a veteran, I find these statistics troubling, and that is why I work so hard to educate people regarding the benefits of legalizing cannabis, even if just for medical reasons.

It is for this reason that I am currently calling Senators and Representatives to see if anyone wants to carry a medical cannabis bill. I’d be willing to do the writing, as long as the elected members are willing to brainstorm with me. That’s all I want. I can do the typing.

I’ve said it before, #HitThatRig #ForTheTroops! Hit it for me, once, too. To all my fellow rebels out there, keep moving forward. Don’t let stress and worry get the best of you. Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t give up. You never know what will change if you stay at it.

Wagen, over and out.