So, Maybe Cannabis Has Killed People

I know many of you have seen me write and heard me say, “Cannabis has never killed anyone.” Go on an adventure with me. Let’s pretend it has.

Only these deaths are not from consumption, unlike many legal drugs. Instead, it is from the manufacturing of cannabis related products, especially oils and waxes — both of which are felonies in most of the Bible belt.

There is a pandemic of people blowing houses and condos up when trying to carry out a butane extraction on leftover cannabis matter to make wax, something like liquor is to alcohol…wax is to cannabis.

Well, sometimes, things go wrong and chemical A does something with chemical B and BOOM. They blow a few people up.

California has seen this pandemic take control over the last several years as more entrepreneurs are wanting to safely manufacture. They are talking about using non-combustible solvents. Like, stop using butane and use something cleaner to extract.

Sure, these home manufacturers got killed, but how many ships wreck? How many Big Oil Plants blow up? I used to live down in Houston. Trust me. 30 miles away and it felt like a small earthquake.

But cannabis is evil.

Colorado is seeing good success with safely manufacturing cannabis related products. Such disasters are kept to a minimum, and the various demands for cannabis are being met. This is a win!

I still say it’s safer than alcohol.

Moonshine is dangerous, but that’s a different story!

**Correction. After further exploration, no one has been killed by manufacturing cannabis. Apparently butane, isopropyl alcohol, and a bottle of Everclear can be used to extract wax from cannabis raw material. Sometimes it can light, but it just singes hair and blows out windows. It’s still traumatic, but nobody dies.

Wagen, over and out!