Swamp Shack in Kemah, Texas

While in Kemah, we visited my parents’ favorite seafood spot, Swamp Shack. This place was a treat. We started the meal with fried bullfrog legs, and I paired it with a Blue Moon. Yum!

While waiting for the main entree, I noticed a gentleman sitting next to us with a Navy shirt, so I went to say hello. He was a retired Master Chief. I let him know that I left the Navy in 2007 as a Gunner’s Mate 3rd class. We talked about the various ships and stations where we had served, and I offered to buy them a drink. They kindly declined.

For the entree, I ordered grilled gator tacos. They were absolutely delicious. I paired them with a red wine. It was delicious! If you haven’t tried such a combination, you really should!

When I went inside, I saw a really neat display, it was an alligator head in a fish tank.

Finally, we paid the bill and left. When I visit Houston, again, I’d love to go back to this restaurant. There were lots of excellent goodies on the menu, and I had a hard time deciding, but I think I did a good job picking what to eat. Seafood is not only (mostly) healthy, it is utterly delicious!

Wagen, over and out.