The Importance of Good Internet

Having reliable and fast internet is important, because the internet is the largest gateway to knowledge that mankind has ever seen. The screenshot above was taken from my desktop computer, which has a wireless connection to my router. I am running 300mbps of internet to my house, which is distributed among my various devices. My PlayStation 4 receives over 100mbps alone.

While traveling in and around Houston, it was common to see only 1mbps of internet. With speeds this slow, research was difficult. My data worked better than wifi, and my phone’s battery drained because it wasn’t able to rely on the internet connection.

Also, while posting to social media, the posts would often fail, or post twice, which was annoying. I can’t wait for Google to bring their fiber to more parts of Texas. Google fiber runs at 1gbps, or 1000mbps. This would help ensure the free flow of information to all subscribers, enabling research, gaming, streaming, and other activities.

If it has been longer than a year since you have contacted your internet provider, then it is possible that you are paying way too much for not enough internet. Due to its proliferation, internet providers often offer higher speeds at increasingly lower costs. It takes at least 10mbps to support a gaming console, and that is just one console. If you are connecting multiple devices, then I would recommend a bare minimum of 30mbps, but the more, the better.

As a former Systems Engineer and Network Consultant, I cannot stress the importance of internet enough. Sure, some will be limited in what their provider is offering, but many do not see the need to go with higher speeds. I encourage you to go for it. You won’t regret it. In fact, you will look back and wonder how you ever made it to begin with. That’s my perspective, anyway.

Wagen, over and out.