Prop 64 in California

Prop 64 is being voted on this November, and it would legalize commercial/recreational cannabis sales in California. It seems like it has been a long time coming. California was the first state to have a medical program, so it makes sense that it would be one of the states on the front line of this war.

Prop 64 is the most revolutionary legislation to date. The aim is to undo many years of unjust discrimination of cannabis users, particularly among the minorities. Even with a robust medical program, California law enforcement is still cracking down hard on the use and sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products, especially by profiling African-Americans and Latinos. There are even some counties and cities in California that have not given the green light to open dispensaries, which are more commonly found in the cities than in the outlying rural, more conservative, areas.

Some of the visionary regulations put forth in prop 64 include:

  1. a 5 year ban on handing out big commercial licenses, so smaller growers and distributors will not be pushed aside by bigger cannabis companies.
  2. a 20% tax revenue kickback from cannabis taxes, distributed from the state to cities that allow cannabis sales in their borders. The cities that ban sales will not see their cut of the newly generated state funds.
  3. several different licenses, including a micro-license, that will allow entrepreneurs to start a small farm, and oversee the entire process from cultivation to distribution.
  4. a provision for cannabis bars, where people could consume the product in public, similar to a bar that serves alcohol.

These regulations are just some of the more bold items in the bill. When California legalizes, it will literally double the amount of US citizens that live without the violence and disruption that comes with prohibition. Californians and activists alike should support this proposition, and be excited for what it means for repealing prohibition at the federal level, and the pressure it will put on other states to legalize.

It is projected that California will see $1 billion in tax revenue in the first year alone from the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis. Those involved in the cannabis industry are hoping that prop 64 will be the tipping point in ending the war on drugs in the US, and for good reason.

Support liberty. Support prop 64.

Be sure to watch the video to hear more detail regarding how prop 64 is good for California, and good for cannabis.

Wagen, over and out.