Gun Rights for Everyone

I think everyone has the right to own guns. EVERYONE. Yes, even felons and those with mental disabilities. This may sound strange to some, but the only thing that stops a shooter, is another shooter. I think the more people armed, the safer everyone is. This may be because of my Texas upbringing, but it is also a product of my military experience.

Some are felons because of violent altercations, but some are felons for non-violent altercations. For instance, drug crimes can be felonies. Some people are felons because they got in a little fight with someone when they were younger, or they needed to defend themselves for some reason. Should we remove their ability to protect themselves and their families? I don’t think so.

When it comes to mental disorders, having guns around could actually help some of them. I sometimes get really paranoid. I think I would be less paranoid if I knew my wife and I had a way to defend ourselves. Also, nothing gets me out of a depression like going to the range, especially if I go with someone I love. It’s always nice meeting new people, and it’s really fun to get kudos on my shooting ability.

Has anyone noticed that many of these shootings take place in “gun-free” zones? Seriously. Schools and other places tend to be the area that these “mass shootings” make the news. This is partially because the shootings that happen in other places are stopped by people carrying a firearm. This is how it works, and how it will always work. I am proud of the schools that have decided to arm their teachers, at least the ones that want that responsibility.

I know this idea scares many people, but in a world of lawlessness, I am not sure we have much of a choice. The federal government has disarmed me for mental disorders, and I constantly fear that I will not be able to protect myself or my family due to this ban. I can only hope/pray that no one attacks us, but if they do, we are left without any recourse.

As the federal government continually works to pass legislation to systematically disarm the populace, we need to think critically about the consequences to such decisions. Hopefully things will change in the future. If not, I hurt for myself and others that have been stripped of this fundamental, constitutional right. Hopefully someone will be there to protect us should the worst happen. Wagen, over and out.


6 thoughts on “Gun Rights for Everyone

  1. If you are unarmed, generally the only person there to help you is going to be your assailant. Oddly this has worked well for me, despite the fact that I have been armed-robbed 26 times at work, self restraint has kept me unharmed. Never has there been a police officer, although the act of calling them has improved the situation.

    I think that my own, undiagnosed mental problems might threaten me more if I had a gun. Also I would need a new job if I took it to work, where I usually have my problem.

    Good luck to you.

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    1. Wow. 26 times? That’s crazy. I am glad that you are ok. The cops help in most violent cases, but sometimes immediate action is needed. The real travesty, if someone were injured and killed by your gun, you may be exonerated on the criminal charges, but the family could sue for wrongful death and win. Either way, I hope you figure something out. There are times when I am tempted to carry a 5′ knife and hope that could suffice.

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      1. Forgive my dramatization. Point being that even if the silent alarm were instant, it wouldn’t be fast enough. Most of the robberies aren’t anything more than a dramatically illegal method of getting cash back.

        In addition to pepperspray and baton/knife, I have the Psalm (Yea though I walk…) and I am in college looking to be a psychologist.

        Everything is in divine order. I asked God for a job that I might be able to keep despite my incompetence. Now, I am asking for competence that might keep me better. I know you don’t believe in God, and I’m no adherent of the doctrine, but that doesn’t stop me talking and even getting help from Him.

        I hope that your path is free from unnecessary brambles as well.

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        1. James, I hope you the strength and competence to keep moving forward in life. I am glad that your faith is uplifting. I never said I don’t believe in God. I actually do. I have just decided to no longer self-identify as Christian.

          Either way, I appreciate your willingness to read my blogs and interact. It’s refreshing!


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