Why Try Cannabis?

When I talk to some people, they seem never interested in trying cannabis, even if they might benefit from it medically. This is difficult for me to comprehend, but I have been medicating since I was 14. Depression was the biggest player, and I looked for a way to cope with it, and cannabis helped. Was it wrong? Well, it was illegal, but I don’t see cannabis as an inherently moral/immoral thing…the same as my view on guns. As far as legality, luckily, the rules are changing.

When Colorado and Washington legalized recreationally, I began looking more into cannabis. I eventually laid out a case to my wife. I dealt with depression and chronic pain. She reluctantly agreed, and I started to get more informed regarding the different methods of ingestion, and the different strains — mainly the difference between sativas, indicas, and blends. I tend to favor sativa-dominant blends. This helps the depression and the pain. Unfortunately, I also have bi-polar, schizophrenia, PTSD, chronic nausea, and chronic pain. Cannabis helps with all of this, especially if I can get the strains I need and the forms I need in order to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, the medicine that works best is a felony in Texas. This will change, it’s just a matter of when.

Something alot of people seem to overlook, cannabis was once in the food chain. Farmers would feed hemp and cannabis to their livestock. Then the livestock would be slaughtered and eaten. This was normal until the government waged war on the plant. If this idea offends you, then you should know that dangerous chemicals and pharmaceuticals are in the food supply and the water, and nobody seems too upset about that, so stop being a hypocrite.

Being the existentialist that I am, I think, “Why not try something?” I am not saying just go around and blindly try things, but the claims made by cannabis activists are accurate. Stop drinking the cool aid that you are being fed by the system. Also, once you find out what I am saying is true, then you will be ready to start a revolution. I am, at least, but I will save that for a different blog. Wagen, over and out.