Understanding the Rules

When it comes to growing up, we have to learn to function within the parameters of the law, or potentially suffer the consequences. When I was younger, I thought of the rules and the law as all bundled up into law. I seriously used to think that my teachers were not correcting me, but protecting me from the police, because if the police saw me talking when I wasn’t supposed to, or walking on the wrong side of the hall…then I could get arrested and locked up!

Obviously, this is incorrect, and I grew out of it quickly, not from experience, but from learning. For those that don’t know me, learning is among my highest aims in life. I never stop being curious about how things operate. I am particularly fascinated by language, culture, religion, and worldview. Cannabis culture is also very stimulating, because 100 or so years of illegality has created many sub-cultures, while preserving our greatest trait — we share.

For instance, in different regions of the world, an ounce of cannabis can go by different slang names like OZ (oh-zee), zone, or zip, but there are others. In Liberty County, there was a well understood “puff, puff, pass” rule, but it wasn’t always that way when I traveled. I thought it was a rule, but I was wrong. It was just the culture.

The culture of our country is changing, but the rules are struggling to keep up. Everyone can tell something is awry, and many have some ideas regarding the cause. One individual seemed to think that cannabis was bringing the culture down. Their big objection, was that it was immoral, and that declaring it legal didn’t make it right. I didn’t know what to say at the time, but I have come to this conclusion — their argument is circular and self-defeating. If the law can’t make someone innocent, then how can it make someone guilty? Sure, in that individual’s sub-culture, cannabis is evil and immoral…it belongs on Schedule 1…nevermind all the studies that say the opposite.

People are growing tired of this oppressive government, but there is hope. The rules CAN change. In Israel, the government not only acknowledges PTSD in their soldiers, but provides all the cannabis that the patient needs. Israel talked their government into giving soldiers the cannabis they need. If they have physical and/or psychological trauma as a result of defending their country, they get all the cannabis and the liberty they need. Why? Because they earned it. If Israel can do it, we can do it. After all, aren’t we with Israel?

I am a fan of the rules changing because less rules means a smaller government. I am not in support of total anarchy, but I do believe the Constitution needs to be taken of the shelf, dusted, read, and implemented once again. We are WAY off track, but we still have the time and opportunity to change this, and I honestly believe it starts with legalizing cannabis. Feel free to agree or disagree, but I hope one day I am proven correct. Wagen, over and out.