Afroredneck for Governor of Texas 2016

Something that continues to frustrate me — minorities are the real ones loosing the war on drugs. They get arrested at 3-8 times the rate than the average white user. To make matters worse, getting into college and into good jobs is difficult for them…leaving many with the options of welfare, or dealing.

Over the years, I have befriended people of different ethnicities, but one stands out above the rest. His name is Marcus, but some know him as Afroredneck. He is very outspoken, and really cool. He also wants to put in his bid for president. In fact, him and I are supposed to have a debate. He thinks the war on drugs is a failure, and angrily admits that it is a continuation of Jim Crow laws — just another way “for the white man to hold the black man down.”

Now, I would normally take offense to such language, but he is right. Racist cops use the drug laws to enslave and imprison minorities. You’ve seen “Cops,” right? Well, it needs to stop. I really hope we see some resolve to this sooner rather than later.

Afroredneck spoke up, “You know something I haven’t told alot of people?”

“What’s that, ” I said.

“Through the years, I have loved my white boys enough to create a distraction, get arrested for a misdemeanor, and spare them from getting arrested, especially for drug-related felonies.”

“How many times has this happened?”

“I have been arrested 19 times, but no convictions. The courts know me, and don’t like me. LOL.”

Wow, I thought. After some reflection, I said, “Hey Afroredneck. You know one of the things that ending the war means to me?”

“What’s that?”

“It means you don’t have to be anyone’s fall guys anymore.”

“Thanks, man. Nobody should be in jail for a plant.”

“I agree. What I don’t get, is how someone can get the same sentence as a mass murderer for it.”

“For sure!”

We continued to hang out for the evening, brainstorming the presidential debate. If anyone wants to be involved in any way, let us know. We will see what we can work out. For now, we plan to stream it…because TECHNOLOGY. It will be nice to have no one going to jail for cannabis, and it will be even better to see the government pay reparations for all the harm they have created in the country, especially to the minority community. Soon, hopefully.




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