The Republic of Texas

It was another sleepness night…much like tonight. But on this night, I was up all night because I didn’t want to live anymore. I kept thinking of ways to kill myself. I even wished my in-laws pool was full so I could take a huge rock, grab it, and ride it to the bottom and drown. Finally, I rolled over to my wife and woke her up.

“What is it, KC?”

“I can’t sleep. I’m really depressed. You have two options: 1. 911 2. Colorado.”

She rolled back over. I half-way expected a leap for joy and a shout for “COLORADO!!!”

You know?

We had left California two months earlier where I had a medical card for all my problems, and it worked out really well. I gave it up when we moved back to Texas to be closer to family…and because I developed chronic nausea and chronic vomiting. However, I was getting worse and worse with each passing week. I would sleep for 15 hours, get up, eat something, play video games, and do it again tomorrow. I knew this had to change.

After 3 hours of discussion, she agreed that we could go to Colorado to pick up some quality legal cannabis and bring some back so I could safely medicate. I even took first leg, and almost cleared Texas.

The first town we hit up was Trinidad. I went into several shops and asked as many questions as I could. One shop, Highland Health, decided that I didn’t have to pay any taxes since I was a Texas veteran. I would ask to speak to the managers and/or owners, and then I would ask them everything I could think of regarding owning a dispensary and the various cannabis products they offer. This is when I first hear about wax or oil. I was reluctant at the time, but to my boys in Colorado, #HitThatRig #ForTheTroops

Next, we made our way to Pueblo. This place was really cool. The vibe of the whole town was completely amazing. I would smoke out in the designated smoking areas and not get hassled. All the servers were super friendly and attentive. I was tempted to tip my bill on several occasions. The food was excellent, and the view was beautiful. Then there was the dispensaries. I went to the one owned by Tommy Chong. It was a, “I did it,” kind of thing. My favorite dispensary was Cannasseur. I highly recommend them.

I decided to look at some local merchandise. While cruising the shops, I kept running into some really neat people. One gentleman was a marine veteran that made jewelry out of bone. I asked him if he had some 1/2″ tapers for my ears. He did! He even put a marine blue gem in them, polished them up, and asked, “You want to take a smoke break?” He grabbed a big bone pipe and headed out the back. I followed him.

He grabbed the truck’s tailgate, dropped it, and hopped on. I hopped on the back to. It reminded me of hanging out with some rowdy country folk back home. LOL He pulled out his bone pipe and said, “This is my prohibition bone pipe. I have been hitting this since before the repeal of prohibition.” My first thought was, “I want one.” He loaded it with a good sativa strain, took a few hits and handed it to me. I grabbed it, took a few hits and handed it back. I was blown away by the depth of the experience, before I could speak, he said something in a native dialect.

I asked him, “What does that mean?”

“It means, ‘May the smoke of the earth bless our friendship.'”

“Oh, so all the native Americans WERE raving stoners?!?!?”

He smiled. “Of course.”

“So how are things in Texas?”

“They are good. There are some radicals talking of succeeding. I don’t know what to think of it. I think it could lead to a civil war or some sort of revolution.”

“Believe it or not, I could support that. Did you know that you are in Texas?”


“Yea.” He pointed to a bridge that had a Texas flag painted on it. “This used to be The Republic of Texas. It was taken away by the federal government when Texas entered the union under treaty.”

Wow. Why had I never heard about this? So, weed was legal in Texas, but the federal government was holding it down? It was at this point that I lost all faith in the federal government.

Texas has an ally in Colorado. I want to thank the state for continuing to be a leader in the repeal of cannabis prohibition. You guys are some bold warriors! You have inspired me, and now I would like to join forces and change this world for the better. You with me? Wagen, over and out.