That Colorado Cannabis Flight

Even though Colorado legalized in 2014, I wasn’t able to make it out there until 2016. I cover this more in The Republic of Texas. One of the things that happened, I met a dude in a bar, and he informed me that he had some Cannabis Cup winning flower and wax.

“And guess what? Just because you are a Texas veteran, you are going to come by and #HitThatRig!”

“Sounds, good!” with a huge smile on my face…the beer kickin me fairly hard.

I hopped in his car, something my wife developed a hatred for, and went back to his house. We went inside, and pulled out some fairly hefty sacks. He listed off about 5 different strains. My two favorite were Agent Orange and Pineapple Express. I had never smoked either, and I knew it would be super fun with it being such pure quality. He told me that Pineapple Express is going to be more of a sativa, while Agent Orange will be more of an Indica.

“Cool. Let’s go with Pineapple Express. I have never smoked it, and I think this is going to be fun!”

“Cool, man. Here you roll it up.”

I pulled out a $20, and started to roll. This was a little trick I learned when I was 14. They commented on it.

“I tried that, but I couldn’t do it. Maybe I should have used a $20!” #Afroredneck said.

“Nah, man. It’s all just paper. Have you ever seen silver, gold, or palladium ounces?”


“No? Shit. I got to teach you guys something!”

I rolled up a joint that was about twice the size of a cig. I’ve been at this a while. I handed it back, but he said, “Light it up, bro!” So I did. I took two hits and started the rotation. There were four people, and it was interesting meeting these really awesome people. As soon as the joint was done, I felt like I hit a liftoff. I suddenly was higher than I had been in a long time, and I had just been hitting Cali wax!

Then he pulled out his rig.

#HitThatRig #ForTheTroops

I got really excited! He asked, “Shatter or resin?”

“Shatter, please!”

He pulled out the torch and heated the tip of a pipe. Once it glowed, I grabbed it, let it cool about 10 seconds, and then hit the Shatter. Man, I went into that 15 minute stoner giggle fit we all enjoy. The guy next to me did, too! It was so much fun!

We hung out and talked about how we should run for president of Texas, which is why I announced it on my blog, and through social media. We are offering an invitation to native Texans to a fair, open, honest Texas debate. We can even do it remotely, you know.


After conversing for a bit, he handed me more bud to roll up and said, “This one is Agent Orange.”

“Cool, you read my mind! Did you guys know I was gassed in the Navy? It was part of basic training. That was, like, what we did for the whole day. We went and got gassed, took showers, and attended a class. That day was an easy day, at least.”

“That’s crazy, man. What branch did you serve?”

“Navy. I am partial, but I love all my veterans!”

“Nice. Well, we are glad to have you.”

“It’s cool to hang out, man!”

I rolled up Agent Orange and began the rotation. This one was more of an Indica, so I quickly felt a little “couch lock” which is where you feel like you can’t move. This is where the word “stoned” comes from. After experiencing about 20-30 minutes of slight muscle spasms that feel like a neat massage, coupled with some laughing, which works the abs…then I felt it start in my stomach, go down to my feet, and back up through my chest,

And another giggle fit!

This one was more delayed than the Pineapple Express. Maybe that’s why the distributors/growers decided on Express. Either way, it was just as much fun as watching the movie! He had some extra, so I bought some.

In Colorado, I felt free, and so do most people. I still saw shotguns in the racks of trucks, and no one says anything. They are bigger defenders of the 2nd Amendment than Texas.

I say this to our shame!

I got back to the hotel that night, and I couldn’t share it with my wife. She doesn’t want to know. I can’t figure out why she wouldn’t want to try it. I have been doing it half my life and I am STILL learning stuff…much more rapidly as legalization comes closer.

To me, a cannabis flight is no different than a wine or beer flight. People can be free to disagree, and I welcome any discussion that you would like to spark, but if you find yourself needing a vacation, get to a state where cannabis is legal. It will change your life!

Wagen, over and out.