Vote Wagen For A Safe and Sane Texas Government

It is on my bucket list to run for office. Given the current options, I am formally announcing my candidacy as ________. I may not make it, but it’s worth the shot. Why not? I won’t know until I try. Just hear me out for about 500 words. You might be shocked at my qualifications.

First, I have been raised in a Christian home. I love God, the Bible, and other believers. Many conservatives want a _______ that loves God. Pick this one. I can’t do it alone, though. That’s why I have lots of brothers. For more information, read Christianity and Cannabis.

I am proficient in the ways of war, and if I haven’t done something, then I personally know people that have. Now, I don’t want war. Libertarians are non-aggressors. I won’t kill unless someone tries to hurt me or my family…and I ain’t just talking about blood…but about my brothers and sisters in arms. I went to war once. It doesn’t scare me. For more information, read This Means WarWhen Rifles Come OutMaverick Has the BallGod and Country, and A Time To Kill.

As ________, I would push for bills that would bring the legal age to consume substances at 18 years old. If a person is old enough to go to war for their country, then they have the right to have access to safe and quality products. This includes pharmaceuticals. Some people really like them. We could bring that black market into light, as well, and hold the companies accountable when a bad batch kills people.

We should also bring back manufacturing and trade schools.

The police force will be funded by all these new industries and their related inventions. The main goal will be to exhaust their resources on finding slavers, murderers, rapists, people who assault and thieves. If a person is arrested for such crimes, then they will be tried before a jury of peers and sentenced likewise.

For abortion and homelessness, we need to do a few things. First, we need to emphasize adoption programs for young women ready to abort, but we don’t make it illegal. It just makes government bigger. That’s not the goal here. Small government is good. Second, we need to encourage businesses to hire homeless people. Third, some business and office buildings that close at night could be used to give homeless people a place to bathe, eat, and shower. A school quickly comes to mind.

As far as science, let’s boot research in renewable energies and alcohol. Did you know that you can run vehicles off alcohol, which is made in kitchens, after coming from the fields? Solar panels are amazing, and the technology keeps progressing. My yard lights run off small solar panels on the top of each light. Let’s expand research on “illegal” substances. In Israel (by the way, I’m with Israel), they use LSD to treat PTSD patients that don’t respond to cannabis. I find that interesting. I have heard something about cluster headaches and mushrooms, too. Who knows. We won’t know unless we find out. Oh, and how many of you would love to go to space? Or send your nephew/brother/sister to Mars…or to Saturn?

Why not?

Our leadership doesn’t dream anymore. JFK was probably the last big dreamer. Too bad he got fired. That’s all I have to say about that. #ForrestGump

As far as money, we need to get back to dealing in silver, gold, palladium, and other precious metals — abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS. We could even put business logos on the coins, so that when we do a transaction, people remember our name/brand/label and that will help with networking. We could also barter/trade goods and services for one another. This would create a robust economy. There should be no taxes on your business transactions. Instead, we rely on young entrepreneurs to step up and help their fellow man. I propose a flat 10% tax on all sales. This would go to cover local police and medical services. Also, we abolish lobbying and rely on free-market principles.

We make travel easier. The best lessons I have learned, have been learned on the road.

True story.

That’s the only way to make our society better.

Same with languages.

Also, if you can’t travel too much, then travel to urban areas and visit grocery stores in the different ethnic markets. Try to pick up their language. Talk to them in English, and be-friend them on social media. Most foreigners and immigrants are excited when they finally get a Texan that will treat them like a friend. Be that friend. It will change your life.

Also, we will be having a debate. My friend and fellow activist Marcus, aka “Afroredneck,” will also be putting in his bid for _________.

This is just the start. I have many more ideas after my several years of research. Please feel free to interact with this. I think the conversation will be fun.

Wagen, over and out.