#HitThatRig #ForTheTroops

Happy Monday! I have been up all night, and I want to share something with you that was a huge secret to me, until about 2 months ago, and it has been the source of my inability to sleep. I encourage you to listen with an open heart and open mind.

There is an old, but well-kept trade secret among cannabis consumers. Wax is a concentrated version of cannabis, and it is vaporized. This is called a “dab” in most circles. I like to say, “Hit That Rig!” Texas was built on oil rigs. LOL This may be true, but my Cali friends taught me alot about the rig, and I am forever thankful for that. This activity has exploded in recent years as people travel to states where cannabis is legal, and their friends introduce them to knew ways to consume the plant. Go Brownies! I have been interested in these experiences, so I have traveled and done it…multiple times. I know. Some people are just lucky.

I really like a few things about Wax…sometimes called “Shatter,” “Crumble,” or “BHO.” There is more to it than that, but I am just now learning about it all. First, it is a vaporizer. That’s right, no more smoking! This is good for the lungs. I had a vaporizer in California, and I loved it! I could hit the vaporizer in my office and my wife didn’t complain about the smell of cannabis. Same with the wax. When we travel to legal states, she hates it when I smoke a joint or blunt, but she doesn’t mind that I don’t smell when I hit the rig. What a relief! Second, it is concentrated, so the medicinal effects are excellent, but it can be easy to overdue it. For a comparison to alcohol, a joint would be like a beer or wine, but Wax is like a shot of liquor.

Now, before you judge, I had a medical card in California for a host of mental and physical illnesses that can only be alleviated by using cannabis. I write more about it in Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, and PTSDWhen the Grim Reaper Calls, and My Cannabis Testimony. It turns out, I am not alone. I am a Texan, but I have been loaned out to a foreign (US) military, and I never came home from war. It was always a drill to them. I found out several years later, that those weren’t drills. Imagine how I feel. It was all a game to the ruling elite, but it was my life…and the life of many good men. And that’s just the ones I knew.

Well, now that I have found medical relief by hitting the rig, I want to raise awareness to/for other veterans that suffer from mental and physical problems as a result of military service. I have heard some of their stories, and I am blown away. Every situation is different, but they all love the men and women they served with. I can relate. I would literally take a bullet or bury 1,000 bodies for any one of my fellow Sailors…Marines…Airmen…and Rangers.

So, what does this have to do with drugs? I am glad you asked. Many veterans are finding dabbing or “hitting the rig” as an excellent way to deal with the physical and mental remnants of war. For those that survive, more kill themselves than any that we lost in war. As a veteran, I can tell you that I signed my name on the dotted line to give my life for my country. I am not really interested in accepting the status quo anymore. For those in legal states, and for those that feel rebellious — #HitThatRig #ForTheTroops.

Wagen, over and out.