Let My People Go!

There is one topic that boils my blood worse than a good government corruption/conspiracy, and that is child trafficking. I did not learn much about human trafficking until I moved to Simi Valley, California, on the north side of Los Angeles. In short, wicked people will kidnap babies, young girls, and young men, and sell them into some sort of cheap labor, or worse, into the illegal sex trade. Los Angeles is one of the most heavily trafficked cities in the world. It’s an epidemic. The roots of corruption are dug so deep in this city that it will only be saved by a miracle.

I was riding around Simi with my good friend, Geoff, and I asked him about Asian culture. Geoff is finishing his Master of Divinity degree. He is a close friend, and sometimes a mentor. He married a Korean woman, Sangmi, and they are amazing together. Alright, somehow I have digressed. Geoff informed me that the last year or so has confirmed their worst fears — Simi Valley and the surrounding area have more illegitimate massage parlors than legitimate ones. I couldn’t believe it. I had lived in this city for 6 years, and I owned property for 2. I felt like I had dropped the ball, somehow.

My wife and I were interested in getting involved in the human trafficking problem, but the burden of a new home in SoCal changed our priorities quickly. It is better late than never, though. Can I share a secret? I have always thought it would be cool to run for president, and then use the White House as a refuge for the trafficked.

It will be like the song:

It’s a big, big house with lots and lots of rooms. It’s a big, big table with lots and lots food. It’s a big, big yard where we can play football. It’s a big, big house. It’s my Father’s house!

Anyway, it may never happen, but that is cool. I still have the ability to do something locally, in Texas. I can write about it, hoping it will make you as angry as it makes me! Will you join forces with other people that have said, “ENOUGH! NO MORE SLAVERY!” As Moses said, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” I sure hope so. That’s where I am at, and I hope you get there, too. Wagen, over and out.