Johnson for President

Ted Cruz has just announced that he is dropping from the presidential race.

Many conservatives are having trouble aligning with Trump, and for good reasons:

1. he is obviously racist

2. he’s authoritarian

3. he appeases the religious right, but doesn’t identify as such

On the Left, we have this ludicrous race between Clinton and Sanders. Sanders is actually a decent candidate. I would chose him over Clinton or Trump. Either way, it seems the media and other agencies have conspired to put another Clinton in office. This is about the last thing we need.

For more information on these two candidates, please refer to Trump For President? and Clinton For President? I explain some concerns in greater detail.

Now, for the serious party of this post. It’s time to start considering a Libertarian candidate. If either Rand or Ron Paul would step up, I would support them with a clear conscience. They have not made any announcements…yet. The next best candidate is a guy named Gary Johnson, whom you may know as the governor of New Mexico. He is a successful businessman, successful governor, and a very outspoken activist. I encourage you to look more into him and his rhetoric in the near future…unless you want to elect either of the two dictators.

One thing is for sure, these are some interesting times. Protests and riots are on the rise across the world, not just in America. It seems that people are tired of the status quo, and I think it’s time that government feared the people once again. Wagen, over and out.