Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is by far the most interesting game I have ever played. It’s like I have discovered a new genre, and I have been missing out this whole time. First, I was afraid this game would be scary. Bloodbourne was, and I learned that by “shareplaying” with a friend. Dark Souls 3 is not scary. It is tough, though. I keep dying at an unreal rate. Seriously, there have been times I have spawned into someone else’s game, and then was killed in about 30 seconds by an angry spirit. It’s aggravating.

The bosses are difficult, too. I couldn’t imagine trying to face them alone. I used “dried finger” on the Tree boss so I could summon up 3 people, giving us a party of 4. I couldn’t beat Lux Gundyr, the tutorial boss. I had to get my friend Trey Donner to beat it for me, and he did an excellent job!

Matchmaking and co-op are a pain. From everything I have understood, you have to use an “ember” every time you want to pick people up. I expected a robust co-op experience where I could play with my friends for hours on end. This is not how it works. You have to use the “ember” resource, which is difficult to come by, summon your team (by clicking their sign on the ground, which they place by using the “white soapstone”), and once they die, they are dead for good. Once the host dies, the whole party is over, and this complicated process has to be repeated. I wish the co-op experience was deeper. I won’t lie, it might hold me back from buying another game like it. Games are more fun when you play with friends.

Finally, I do enjoy the sword/shield/magic action in the game. It gives a totally different dynamic than an FPS or 3rd person shooter. The art of rolling around and going right into a perfect sword combo is satisfying. This classic style of action keeps me coming back for more gameplay, despite the lack of co-op. In short, I am glad I tried it, but time will tell if it will start a new trend in my gaming library. Wagen, over and out.