Driving For Uber

Last night was the first night I decided to drive for Uber. It was an interesting experience. My first rider was to be picked up at Tarrant County Community College in Mansfield, Texas. She was really cool. Her name was Ava. I let her DJ using the AUX input on my car. We talked about how to change the world. It was a stimulating conversation.

My next passenger was picked up in UTA housing. I drove him all the way to North Richland Hills. He didn’t speak much English. I would ask him if he was comfortable with the air or if the music was too loud, and he would say, “OK.” He was heading out to Sri Lanka today, and I asked what he did. The only words I made out were “Senior Management” and “Business of Sri Lanka.” I guess he is doing well for himself. After all, his son was attending UTA. I hope his flight went well.

My next passenger requested a ride from Gateway Church in Southlake. I drove over, picked him up, and had him DJ. He played some Newsboys…I knew of the band, but I hadn’t heard the song before. We talked about our faith, and he was a very cool young man. He was 24 years old, but he looked 18. I was able to find his apartment and drop him off. I wish him the best!

Next, I picked up a young lady from Buffalo Wild Wings. She worked there, and we talked about what it was like to work in the service industry. She asked about me, and I explained that I was an aspiring writer, DJ, and cannabis activist. That earned a fist bump. She was really cool. I hope she is doing well, today.

Finally, I picked up a teenager from an apartment complex. His name was Amar. I had him DJ, and he played a few songs from Future. I must admit, I really liked it. He told me to listen to the whole Purple Reign album. I think I just might do that. I dropped him off in Irving, went offline, and made my way back home, arriving back about 11:15pm. It was an interesting event.

I didn’t feel like I made much through Uber, and I wish there were a way to select which rides which would keep me near home, or allow me to work my way back after a long haul. I was dragged about 30 miles from home, and I was stuck driving back without requesting rides. It would be cool if Uber could coordinate that a little better. Also, I use MileIQ to track my miles. I think I made more from tax-writable miles than I did from Uber. I guess that is one way to “stick it to the Man.”

I did have a few troubles with the app itself, and I think I lost out on some funds because of it. Sometimes it wouldn’t work right if the signal was weak. Once the app was telling me I had a weak signal, but the phone was showing full bars. I restarted my phone, and all was well. I learned this while working in IT. Ryan Aquino and Sean Gordon know all about REALOAD, RELOAD! LOL. Lane Duskin, let me know the next time you are wanting an Uber, and we should coordinate and see if it selects me as your rider. That would be a fun experiment.

I will be giving Uber more of a chance toward the end of the month. They are starting a program where they will guarantee a minimum of $2,000 to all drivers that work at least 20 hours per week, and $4,000 to all drivers that work at least 40 hours per week. This could be a good way to secure some more funds in a short amount of time. If you decide to start driving for Uber, be sure to use the promo code UBERWAGENUE. This benefits both of us. We both get some money after you complete so many rides. In the meantime, I will be finishing The New 95 Theses and getting it published. Thanks for reading. Wagen, over and out.


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    1. It was fun! I will be doing it again. I was encourage by someone yesterday…my real estate agent, actually…that I should keep it up for a month or two before giving up. It can be a lucrative side-gig.


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