When Pistols Come Out

So, you are in for a treat. I couldn’t think of what to blog today, and one of my followers requested this story, so here it is. I want to give a big shout-out to Jordin McBride for the request! It was a nice spring night in Baytown, Texas. Me and a few friends decided to go play laser tag, and we were very excited about it. I had never been to laser tag before, and I was assured that it was alot more fun after some cannabis and pills, so that’s what we did. I was 17 years old, and already slated to go to the Navy. My friend, we will call him David, was 18, and had already graduated from school. Our third friend, Danielle, was the same age as David.

Once we arrived at laser tag, all was normal. We paid for our games, played our games, and there didn’t seem to be any problems. It was a good time! They were not kidding, the addition of substances made it a much more ethereal experience. As I leave the building to go back to the car, a young man pulls up in a truck full of people and whistles at me. I wasn’t accustomed to being whistled at, but I made my way to the truck to see what he wanted. Maybe he knew me from school or something. He asked me if I knew a certain individual, and then he began to describe him. I responded with, “Yes, that sounds like David. Why, what’s up?” The young man looked at me and said, “Your guy is really good at starting shit.” I responded with, “Well, what did he do?” He gave me this long story about something, I was barely paying attention…we can blame the drugs this time.

Suddenly David storms up, pulls out a pistol and sticks it to this guy’s head in the middle of the laser tag parking lot. Families and stuff are trying to go home. I turn to him, shocked, and calmly say, “David, put the gun down.” There was a pause. It was probably only a second, but it felt like eternity. I could tell that everyone’s wheels were turning, and I didn’t know what to make of it. I could just tell that David was pissed for some reason. I repeated, “David, put the gun down. Stop being a jackass and go back to our truck.” The look in his eyes made me feel helpless. David wanted to shoot this guy. One more time, I repeated, “David, put the gun away. Go back to the truck.” With a flare of his cheekbones, he put the gun down at waist level and walked back to the truck, still holding the pistol in his hand.

I turned back to the driver and said, “You will have to forgive my friend, he is a bit of a hot-head. I am not sure what the problem is between the two of you, but I hope it’s over.” From our truck, I could hear David shout, “KC! It’s time to go!” When I turned my head, I felt a sudden slam on my face and I fell to the ground. The truck burned out as it quickly left the parking lot. David was running behind it waving the pistol shouting obscenities and phrases like, “I’m going to kill you.” Danielle starts to scream at me and David and says, “Come on boys. We need to leave. Cut this bullshit out.” I am thinking “Bullshit? I was the one that got hit and David pulled a gun on someone.”

We made our way over to the truck, still not really worried about all the witnesses, and we left. After a few minutes, it was like it never happened. I was really angry with David. In fact, when I got home, my dad said, “You can’t hang out with David anymore. He’s trouble.” I responded with, “I know. He’s crazy. I don’t want to hang out with him anymore.” I am sure my dad thought it was strange, but I think this is the first time he is hearing the full story. I don’t have many regrets, but I do have one that day, I wish I had a pistol. I think it would have leveled the playing field. I was almost powerless to stop David from killing someone, and that was a scary place to be. Wagen, over and out.


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  1. First time I’ve read one of the blogs in awhile, I still see the improvement you’ve made and your gonna make a name for your self if you keep it up congrats man

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