This last week I have been in recovery from a nose surgery. They pulled a tumor out of my sinuses, and fixed my deviated septum. It’s a long story, but I wasn’t allowed to drive for a whole week. I have this favorite bar called “The House” that I like to frequent, but my prohibitionist family wouldn’t take me. So, what did I do? I became familiar with Uber.

The first time I set it up, it was a little intimidating, but they walked me through it. It is a really neat setup. First, you can use the mobile app to request a ride anywhere. I am going to leave it on my phone in case I get stranded somewhere, or get in a situation where I need a ride on short notice.

The way it works: you setup your profile, and attach a payment method to it. I used a debit card. It stores this information in the app, and automatically charges you once the ride is complete. So, unlike a taxi, there is no exchange of money during the ride. You just make a request, someone shows up, drives you, drops you off, and that’s the end of it. It does ask for a rating on the person that picked you up, if you are the rider. I have been told that if you are driving, it also asks that they rate their passenger. So far, I don’t see a place to check on my rating. My guess is that they want it to stay hidden.

Of course, using Uber to get everywhere can get a little costly. I mainly used it to get back and forth from the bar. I asked every driver what they thought about driving for Uber, and one person said they were doing it as a way to save up for a honeymoon, which I thought was very interesting. I met one person that did it full time. He would drive into Dallas in the morning and drive all day long. Then he would slowly work his way back to his part of town. He said that on about three different occasions, he drove to Oklahoma from Dallas. I thought that was really interesting.

Everyone’s level of hospitality was different. One driver had spare waters and snacks available for his passengers. He was the only one that I met that did that, but I thought it was really cool. If I drove for Uber, which I am considering, I would keep drinks and snacks available, and I would let them DJ while we ride. I think that would be a fun way to connect with people.

Either way, using Uber as a rider or driver is a total adventure, and it is really fun! If you have never tried it, I recommend giving it a whirl. I won’t use it much, but I might be using it in the future to help coordinate rides. They even have elite services. For April Fool’s day, Uber did a Helicopter function. I thought it was funny! You should look into Uber! Wagen, over and out.