God and Country

I am going to let you in on a little secret, after I got out of the Navy, I hated this country. I hated everything about it. The last time I crossed the deck of the USS Nashville, I requested permission to go to shore, and then saluted the flag. I said that was the last time I would salute ANY flag, muchless ours. I was told of terrorism and all the awful horrors that I signed up to extinguish, but there was no extinguishing for me. I was well trained in weapons and tactics. All I wanted, was to make a difference. Other than becoming a licensed minister and seeing some young men come to Christ, I hadn’t really done anything to defend our country or my brothers.

Fast forward about 10 years. I am living in Southern California, and I get so sick that I have to quit my job, sell my home, and move. In that process, I finally decided to file for a VA claim. Many of my friends told me about it, but I hadn’t done it because the way the doctors treated me when I was serving. The paperwork eventually came back, and I was 100% disabled. This means alot of things. First, I receive a tax-free income from the Federal Government. Second, I don’t pay taxes on my home. There are things it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that I am incapable. Far from it. Texas even put “veteran” on my driver’s license. Every time I engage in commerce, people see it, and sometimes offer me discounts on food or drinks. Texas has treated me well. I am happy to call it, “home.”

There are many people in the US who are receiving this treatment. I am glad that we didn’t come home to the social climate that Vietnam veterans came home to. I have alot of respect for those gentlemen. The world is in bad shape. Heck, the US is in bad shape. What can we do? First, we can start by living out our faith in a way that is real. It will look different for each person and family, because we are different people. This is OK. It didn’t take God by surprise. Second, we can allow our country to be a place of refuge for Christians¬†Fleeing Persecution. After all, this is why this country was started.

This is the US that I served to protect. We need to be less dependent on fossil fuels and trust in agriculture. God created the Sun to give us what we need on this earth. We have to stop killing it and each other. That is the only way the human race will survive. Lord willing, the world will keep spinning, and we will finally know peace. If not, then He is still in control. If we work together, we can create a world where everyone is free, not just special interest groups. What a world that would be!

Wagen, over and out!