Windows 10

For those that do not know, I have a background in technology. While working at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA, I was able to upgrade many computers from Windows XP to Windows 7…it was part of my duties as the “new guy.” There came a point when Darrell Parker, the IT Manager asked me about Windows 8, and I basically said, “It’s garbage.” I don’t think he liked that response much, but I didn’t feel OK using and passing along an inferior product to people that trusted me to give them the very best. So, I stayed a Windows 7 loyalist, until Windows 10 came on the scene.

I am running a new custom build with Windows 10, and I must admit that I love it! The metro user interface of Windows 8 and 8.1 were a mistake, but Windows 10 brings back the desktop feel of Windows 7. I can use the Windows Home key with all the ease that I could in 7, which makes computing easy, especially when multitasking. I like that all the Windows shortcut key combinations stayed in place. I am a big fan of Windows+E, as it creates an easy way to gain access to File System Management functions.

In Windows 10, they incorporated Microsoft Security Essentials right into Defender, so you really don’t need an antivirus, which is a great and revolutionary idea for a Windows operating system. I am happy they finally ended the whole, “Let’s go to Microsoft and download Security Essentials” thing. It helps, drastically. There are definitely good antivirus softwares in the market, though, if you are wanting a little added protection, but in my honest opinion, you don’t need them.

Many people complain about the Windows 10 tiles, but they do not bother me. I just use the Windows key as I did on Windows 7. I hit “Windows” and then type what I am looking for and hit “Enter” to pull the application or document up. It works out really well. I actually think this started in Vista, but I only had one computer with Vista, and I didn’t learn to use it like that because the concept was so new.

Either way, I am encouraging you to move up, or move your people up, to Windows 10. It’s a good operating system, and has alot of the same functionality as Windows 7, but some of the added perks of Windows 8. I like the focus it places back on the desktop experience, and I enjoy some of the newer bells and whistles that were introduced with Windows 8. So if you are on the fence regarding 10, give it a go. I am hoping and believing that you won’t regret it.