Before I started my own company, I founded and spear-headed a gaming clan. We have since grown to a multi-platform group, having representatives on everything from Xbox 1, PS4, PC, and even the Wii U. We are on Facebook. Just look for TEAMPLAYERZ. I came up with this name because I want to embody what it meant to work as a team. We can accomplish more if we work together, share our strengths, and bridge our weaknesses. After only 2 years of running the group in my spare time, I have seen it grow to almost 80 members, and now we are getting to the point that we are organizing raids with other clans. Working together is a fundamental human principle, and learned it best in war.

While working in the US Navy, we would stand armed watches and rehearse scenarios together. We would always assume that we could stop a terrorist without one of us dying, because we were, after all, the military’s elite. I was working a job called Inport Security Force (ISF), and it was a well-trained security detail. We guarded the ships, and the personnel that manned them. I quickly learned that I had to trust and even depend upon my fellow soldiers if shit ever hit the fan. That was our only chance of surviving and stopping the attack.

To this day, I build an environment in gaming and in my relationships that is one of working together, rather than working against one another. This is something that is quintessential for a company, and I have seen the perils of the latter first hand. Alot of times it can be caused by a bad fit, or a bad apple — it all just depends on the circumstance. As I start my own company, I want to build upon the foundation of being a teamplayer, being willing to ask forgiveness for mistakes, and being willing to challenge my workers. Of course, we will have some fun along the way!


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